When you live a life with a chronic disease, it may be difficult to enjoy every moment of life. If we talk about the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, then you may also experience some worsening symptoms.

Talking about COPD means you may experience a chronic cough condition that can cut you off from socialization. Yes, it is devastating to live such a life, but you should not lose hope.


Well, you still have many things in your hands, like lifestyle changes that can help you prevent worsening symptoms. People often give up on the habits that put them at high risk of developing serious health diseases.

This article will reveal what you can do to prevent serious health issues, such as COPD.

Say No to Smoking 

When it comes to COPD, you should take care of your lungs as much as you can. It is an alarming situation for everyone but especially for smokers. If you do smoke, quit this job, or it can end up with serious and worsen symptoms. Smoking progresses COPD and affects your lungs or other parts of the body such as the heart, kidneys, etc. Quitting smoking can prevent you from stroke, cancer, heart disease, stress, etc.

One of the best pulmonologists in Islamabad shared in his conference that it is not easy to quit smoking if you are going through a tough situation, like heartbreak, the death of your loved one, etc. But you can get nicotine patches or oral medications to replace cigarette smoking. People believe that Vaping is less harmful than cigarettes. Yes, it is true, but it is still dangerous for you and can cause various health issues.

A study reveals that people who quit smoking during the treatment of COPD rapidly.

Follow Physical Activity 

A recent analysis says that digital devices have made people sit for long periods. Experts say that people who sit for a long time are at high risk of developing many health issues, such as obesity. Obesity is the root of many health issues.

 Lack of physical activity can increase your progression of COPD and will show worsen symptoms over time. You should go with some exercise as it regulates your blood circulation and boosts the health of every part of the body. Researchers also believe that exercise increases self-esteem, gives the quality of sleep, etc.

People with severe symptoms should avoid high-intensity exercises.

Wash Your Hands Frequently 

Do you know about the causes of COPD?

Lung infections and air pollution are the main causes of COPD. When we eat, the germs can enter through our mouth into our body and can cause many infections. You should wash your hands after every 15 minutes as COPD exacerbation can put you on a deathbed. Washing your hands is a good hygiene practice, but you can go strongly by vaccinating yourself.

Don’t Forget to Take Your Medications 

COPD is a treatable condition that only demands you to take medication regularly. But if you do not take prescribed treatment at the time, it may end up with worsening symptoms. Medications can reduce the symptoms and slow down the progress of COPD.

Take Long-Term Oxygen Therapy 

If you will consider what others think, it will stop you from doing many things. Experts say that you should take long-term oxygen therapy as it maintains the health of your lungs. People often avoid using oxygen tanks in public as they feel embarrassed and do not want others to laugh at them.

You should not avoid this therapy as it brings many health benefits, such as quality sleep, improves mood, mental alertness, etc. It also increases your survival rate by using it up to at least 15 hours per day.

Get Rest 

Shortness of breath and morning wore out can interfere with your daily task activities. You need to store your energy so you can consume it in the right way. Get quality sleep and relax for hours. It will improve shortness of breath and help you deal with the scariest symptom of COPD, shortness of breath.  

Final Thoughts 

Chronic obstructive stress is the most common factor of many chronic obstructive illnesses, such as stroke, obesity, heart disease, etc. But a healthy lifestyle can help you get rid of the many potential health diseases, as it prevents the progress of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The post first appeared on Tekrati and is written by jamesadam


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