This is a large institute offering specialized online coaching classes or in classroom options for entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, SAT for admission in management school. Jamboree may be called the best institute for GMAT, SAT and GRE preparations. The online course for admission counseling by Jamboree has led many students to get top ranks in the universities of the world. The institute is serving the best for their students keeping at comfort of home with online courses, suggestions and counseling.

Support to students 

When world is worried about the wave of Covid 19 and consequently the students are thinking for admission in M.B.A, Jamboree offers constant support to the students with online education. The institute offers classroom studies for GMAT, SAT and GRE preparations. The institute offers selective course materials for the students, so that the candidates can get easy way to get good score out of the way. Jamboree can fight with Covid 19 situations by offering online classes, exams to the students.

Benefits to students

Jamboree holds faculty members with high profile teachers. The candidates are benefited by the suggestions offered by the teachers. At any location of world, the students can avail the recorded lectures and can prepare the study. Jamboree can be defined as the best institute for GRE preparations and admissions. Live classes are also available for GMAT, SAT and GRE. The condensed form of syllabus is very helpful for students. They don’t have to study the whole syllabus of the admission tests. This is one aspect that the candidates are benefited

Company profile

Jamboree is one of the oldest institutes in India and may be the leading one. It offers comprehensive study for admission test preparations for GRE, SAT, GMAT, ACT. It holds 39 centers in 22 cities in India and other 3 countries like Nepal, UAE, and Singapore. Each center follows similar curriculum and excellent faculty members. All the centers are guided by same rules and same standard of teaching. All the faculty members of all centers are trained by same method and same course materials are offered to all students of all centers.

Jamboree is popular for professionalism and thorough research. Same standard of teaching at all centers will keep the centers at all levels. Therefore, all the students will stand at the same level. Jamboree helps the candidates to pass through smooth process to achieve admissions in foreign universities. Recently, Jamboree has arranged some value added services like discounted courier, educational loan and pre departure orientation have made the institute so popular and only one stop solution for those who intend for foreign study.

Jamboree stands separate from other institutes as it creates testing methods so intensive. It offers expertise solutions with narrow bandwidth syllabus. The institute guarantees that nothing out of the given syllabus will appear in the syllabus. The institute makes the students learn some techniques to crack the exams. So, the candidates get high score in the admission exams of GMAT, GRE , SAT or ACT .In this way, the candidates can succeed in the entrance exam with Jamboree.


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