UEI Global rated as The Best Hotel Management Institute in Pune, is the only institute that offers specialized training and in-depth knowledge in hotel operations. The institute has 9 branches throughout India namely Agra, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, Lucknow, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Thiruvananthapuram. It also provides blended education through online mode to students through AIMA. The courses include hotel management and operations, food & beverage management, guest service, management consultancy, finance, sales & marketing and supervision.
The Best Hotel Management Institute trains students not just in general business but also in the minute details of running a hotel. They are taught about the latest hotel trends, hotel booking and room service management. Hotels need a lot of staff and the students get the chance to work and interact with hotel management while gaining experience. The institutes are recognized by the hospitality industry as well as by other industries who aim to groom their managers in the best possible manner.
The institute also ensures that its trainees are provided excellent internship and entry level experience so that they do not have any issues when they enter the workplace. The students who complete the course are awarded diplomas or degree. Some institutes also provide internship during the final semester or the internship during the summer term. These internships give students an opportunity to gain hands on experience while they are still studying.
Apart from the theoretical aspect, there is a lot of practical work involved in the course. Students start by learning about the history of hotel management. This helps them develop critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities. After this stage, the students are taught about the operational principles involved in hotels. They learn about electricity, plumbing, kitchen, security, catering, management information systems, marketing strategies, fiscal policy, human resource management etc. In order to enhance their understanding, some hotels offer internship during the final semester.
One of the best aspects of such institutes is that they have a set of established rules and regulations for its students. Before a student can be admitted into the program, he has to pass a written exam. This will help the student to analyze the subject well and get an idea of what the discipline is all about. There are certain courses in which every participant is required to take the exam. Once the student passes the exam, he gets admission in the program.
Normally, such institutes organize activities that help students network with each other. There are normally groups like the Hospitality Management Association, Hotel and Restaurant Management Association and Hotel Consultancy Services. Most of the institutes even have a Chamber of Commerce that is open to everyone and is attended by people from the hotel industry. The institutes usually invite chamber of commerce delegates from various cities on a yearly basis.
The best hotels are run by individuals and not by big corporate firms. Hence, in such hotels the students get a good opportunity to work with the management team directly. Interaction with management and other guests is encouraged here. Some of the hotels also conduct seminars occasionally to impart information on hospitality and management.
To get into one of these best hotel management institutes, you must first search for the institute in your city. There are a number of websites that provide information on different institutes. The students apply to a number of different programs offered at the institute. When you find the one that suits you, make sure that you follow all the requirements and attend the institute regularly for short courses.
If you have just completed your 12th standard, then you must opt for degree in hotel management in Pune from UEI Global.

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