3 cool pastime activity ideas after the Christmas menu

Christmas is the most welcomed event, independent of the religion. We have been preparing for it almost from the end of September, and we keep the Christmas tree until mid-January. Despite these extended arrangements, sometimes we might have feelings of deficiency that we didn't get from Christmas what we had expected. This holiday season, let's look further than the Christmas menu and plan some excellent pastime activities with your beloved ones. We have brainstormed, asking the professionals of this field, like American Escape Rooms. This year, we will spend our Christmas holiday with these three excellent pastime activities. And you?

The lights of Christmas

Besides love, family, and the birth of Jesus, Christmas is the celebration of the light. After the delicious Christmas dinner, when the sun is setting in the sky, put on your jacket and let’s go for a walk into the city parks and the brightest streets with your family! Explore and admire together the terrific Christmas lights and decorations! Show each other the favorites and discover before unseen ones!

When you return home, you can discuss any matters that you usually don’t have time for during the busy weeks, and you will be already hungry for an inside party game!

Family facebook

This is one of the most heart-warming family pastime activities. The more extended family is together around the Christmas tree, the more enjoyable this “game” is. What do you need? Family photos and the knowledge of family history. Open old photo albums physically or present a slide show on the TV screen. The task is to name the people on them and give the year when the photo was taken. Who has the most matches is the winner.

Having a vast social network with countless friends is gorgeous. Knowing our roots is a moral issue. Use this year’s Christmas holiday to learn more about your origin! When you check them, you can tell the story of the actual photo or share other emerging stories in connection with the beloved ones seen on the picture.

Cooperative family

However, the strict holidays are fast over, and we generally spend the week between Christmas and New Year together without or less working. The social places and free time parks are open anew, offering the opportunity to have a cool Christmas pastime with our family and friends. 

If you would like to have an active, extraordinary Christmas holiday this year, let’s discover the best escape rooms nearest to you! 

“Investigation at Christmastime?!” Exactly!

Escape games are primarily for teams to play; therefore, cooperation is the leading strategy to find the way out of the escape room, like one of the primary ingredients for satisfying family life. In the escape room, you will meet puzzles of different sorts that you need to overcome to exit the escape room. You can do it alone; however, the time given is limited; therefore, you can only combat the challenges in time in teamwork. The different generations you are from, the more effectively you can work because of the various worldviews. Everybody’s knowledge, skills, and abilities are relevant and needed.

Strengthen the family bond at this year’s Christmastime in an escape room and then practice it all year long in real life!

Christmas is more than giving presents and having Christmas dinner! Use these moments to earn family experiences, strengthen family bonds and rediscover your loved ones! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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