Adobe Reader’s Liquid Mode Makes PDFs Readable on Mobile

Are you tired of reading wonky PDFs on your phone? Adobe had just updated the Reader to make PDFs flow better on mobile.  

Adobe Reader Liquid Mode

Gizmodo says that the new Adobe Reader uses machine learning to “reformat PDFs” to make them read better on mobile devices. Called Liquid Mode, the new Reader mode uploads your document to Adobe’s cloud. The company’s Sensei AI examines the document and spots headings, images, and text blocks. After this process, Adobe returns your PDF with a new layout. 

How Liquid Mode Looks Like

For example, PDF texts always fit in a line, with proper paragraph spacing. All images should fit screens neatly, as well. Sometimes, Adobe Reader could collapse some sections of your PDF. Gizmodo says that Reader’s Liquid Mode makes your PDFs as liquid as modern websites.

You can only use Liquid Mode for Adobe Reader’s mobile versions on Android and iOS. According to Adobe, the company wanted to solve the problem of unreadable PDFs on mobile. The company added that people usually close the document as soon as they open it on their phones. Moreover, the company even mulled creating a new document format but decided to stick with PDFs. 

Should I Get Adobe Reader Mobile?

While Liquid Mode may sound perfect, it still has limitations. Liquid Mode doesn’t support “forms, slideshows, scans,” as well as PDFs bigger than 10 MB. Also, Liquid Mode doesn’t support PDFs over 200 pages.

Adobe might improve Liquid Mode by adding features. For example, the company might allow users to use Liquid Mode for the desktop Reader. If you’re an Adobe subscriber, you might also enjoy more features on its Document Cloud service. 

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