Algedra concludes contemporary-style brand new villa in Dubai

Algedra concludes contemporary-style brand new villa in Dubai

Algedra concludes contemporary-style brand new villa in Dubai

Algedra turned this home into an incredibly beautiful sanctuary with compatible highest quality materials and furnishings. Scope of the project was fully interior design work in the contemporary theme, and the floor plan was lacking severely before the company started to implement.


This brand new villa evokes simplicity, bringing back unforgettable memories. It feels permanent and straightforward. Country-feel, color schemes and furnishing have brought this contemporary house into life with unique style, and Algedra has shown us how to take a less rustic, and more refined approach to country-inspired contemporary interiors.


Head of design, Tareq Skaik calls this home a ‘pure and white haven’ due to its compact and clear floor plan that manages to bring a contemporary-feel and elegance. ‘‘It’s a carefully designed serene and warm oasis,’’ he says.

‘’This was not a flashy design work; We were considerate, responsive and respectful to the place, but more importantly, we had a gut and heart to make the original house shine even more,’’ Tareq says.

The interiors of the project represent a craving for familiarity and authenticity. There is a real emphasis on ‘’quality’’ materials, such as solid timber surfaces and off-white sofas, and time-honoured craftsmanship.


The company embraces a cool, lean, more refined of customer’s lifestyle for this beautiful villa. It is bright and inviting, often with an element of the unexpected. The key to pulling off this contemporary look with modern touches was to balance rustic finishes with clean, crisp details.

Chosen lighting presents a contemporary contrast to the textured materials and modern furniture. Metallic fittings such as curtains and mirrors give an elegant feel to the room, and an asymmetrical open plan in the living room makes the space feel dynamic.

Tareq Skaik says ‘’We don’t just want to give a feeling of comfort, we also want to bring comfort to the eyes. That’s why these spaces are harmonious, and colors are natural and tonal.’’ 


Floral wallpapers, cozy beds and layered textures in bedrooms bring a soothing vibe. Open plan living room promotes minimal perspective by creating a link with the dining room. Crystal chandeliers and luxury lamps, gold accents on sofas and pillows provide a glamming overall look. Fireplace detail helps to give a more cozy ambiance.

The kitchen crafted with eye-catching all-white-palette boosts the look of sleek white cabinets within surroundings.


‘’This high-design kitchen pulls off the look, and white hues own the space in pure elegance.’’ says Tareq Skaik.

Full interior design work completed within two months after 260 hours of great hard work of laborers, interior designers, engineers and architects. Algedra was loyal given the deadline, and the result was beyond the client’s expectation.  Custom made furnitures and high-end finishes have achieved a complete look of sophisticated interior design., and reinforced the dazzling atmosphere.


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