Amazon Introduces a Palm Reader For Retail Shopping

The future of shopping is here. Amazon has announced new Amazon One devices that read customers’ palms for identification and payment. Seattle shoppers can already use them in Amazon Go stores. Now, Amazon plans to give it to every partner retailer. 

Amazon One

In Amazon’s statement, VP Dilip Kumar said that the Amazon One makes it easier for people to shop at their cashier-less stores. Shoppers can just walk inside, get their palms scanned, then buy the things they want. Their purchases go right away to their credit cards.

Kumar is Amazon’s Vice President of Amazon’s physical retail operations.

Amazon One Privacy Concerns

If you’re worried about a company getting your biometric data, Amazon said it wouldn’t store them on the Amazon One device. These devices would send them to the AWS cloud for storage. You can also delete your data from Amazon’s servers from an online portal or an Amazon One device itself.

Moreover, you also don’t need an Amazon account to sign up for the service. Just prepare your credit card, phone number, and your palm print.

Amazon might collect basic information from customers based on where they like to shop. However, the company said it wouldn’t store info on what they buy. 

Other Uses for Amazon One

Besides shopping, Amazon also wants people to use Amazon One to enter places like stadiums. The company also wants you to use Amazon One to badge into work. Moreover, Amazon even wants you to use Amazon One as a loyalty card.

However, Gizmodo notes that Amazon One doesn’t offer much upside for customers who use mobile apps or credit cards for shopping.

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