Amazon Pharmacy Allows Delivery of Prescription Medications to Customers’ Homes

Amazon launched Amazon Pharmacy to US customers to deliver prescription medications right at their homes.

This week, e-commerce giant Amazon has announced its launching of the Amazon Pharmacy in the United States. It is the company’s new offering to customers in which they can have their prescription medications delivered to their address. With the new service from Amazon, customers can have their prescriptions bought online, like with Amazon’s mobile app or through a desktop.

Amazon into Pharmacy

Amazon will allow users to create a secure pharmacy profile, which they can utilize to add information about them, such as their health insurance or prescriptions. Meanwhile, for Prime subscribers, Amazon gives them free two-day delivery for orders through Amazon Pharmacy. It is actually unlimited and is part of their membership. Moreover, Amazon said it would deliver the prescription medications in discreet packaging. It is now available in 45 states in the US, and the number will increase over time.

In a press release, the company also said that the new service could simplify price comparisons on medications for customers. That’s on top of giving convenience for pharmacy transactions and filling prescriptions. And Amazon is not new to the pharmaceutical segment. Two years ago, it bought Pillpack, which helps customers manage their multiple everyday medications.


CNBC noted that the announcement coincided at a time of a pandemic. Today, more and more people become worried about contracting the COVID-19, so they take in medications. And Amazon Pharmacy offers them a chance to do this without the customers leaving home.

In a statement, Amazon Pharmacy’s VP, TJ Parker, said that they brought their customer obsession to an “inconvenient” industry. “We work hard behind the scenes to handle complications seamlessly so anyone who needs a prescription can understand their options, place their order for the lowest available price, and have their medication delivered quickly.”

Prime Benefits

Aside from free delivery, the Jeff Bezos-led firm will also provide savings for Prime members without health insurance. Customers can expect up to 80 percent of discounts on generic brands and up to 40 percent on branded medications for those without insurance. They can find these price reductions on their checkout. Also, these discounts are available for over 50,000 participating pharmacies in the US.

Amazon Prime VP Jamil Ghani said that they intend for their Prime members to make their life more convenient and more comfortable. “We understand the importance of access to affordable medication, and we believe Prime members will find tremendous value with the new Amazon Prime prescription savings benefit.”

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