Amazon to Extend Work From Home Scheme for Some Employees Until June 2021

An Amazon spokesperson said that the company would extend until mid-2021 the remote work setup of those employees that can effectively do their jobs at home.

Amazon joins the growing list of companies that extended their work-from-home scheme to their employees, or at least for those who can. A spokesperson for the e-commerce giant said on Tuesday, October 20, that their staff with jobs that can be done at home may continue to do so until June next year.

Work From Home

According to a statement, Amazon said: “We continue to prioritize the health of our employees and follow local government guidance.”

Particularly, it would scope corporate roles with jobs that “can effectively be done from home.”

It is not the first time Amazon has prolonged its remote work arrangement for its employees. Previously, it extended the setup until January 8, Business Insider reports.

Work From Site

But there are still employees who need to report to work in person. Amazon requires its frontline workers to go to work, except for certain conditions. It includes the following: testing positive for COVID-19, when exhibiting symptoms of the virus, and when mandated to isolate.

And Amazon has reportedly received complaints on how they handle their frontline staff amid the health crisis. The company has also gained allegations of letting employees work in unsafe conditions.

However, the company spokesperson said that Amazon had spent “significant funds” to ensure that those who need to come to the office are safe. The firm’s efforts include maintaining physical distances, thorough sanitation, regular checking of temperatures, and providing face coverings and hand sanitizers.

More Remote Work Setups

More companies are extending their remote work arrangement to their employees. Google’s owner, Alphabet, said last July that it wants to give flexibility to their workers, extending the work-from-home scheme until next year. Other firms that also announced an extension of remote work include Twitter, which contemplated making the arrangement indefinite. Microsoft also said it intends to adopt a “hybrid workplace,” which will let staff work from home half of the time, even after the pandemic.

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