Apple Delays Privacy Feature Bundled with iOS 14

Apple’s new effort to protect user privacy has to wait a while. The tech company has decided to delay a new privacy feature. With the update, iOS developers would have to ask the user’s permission to track their data across Apple devices. 

The Privacy Feature in iOS 14

In a blog post, Apple announced the new privacy feature. Apple had included the feature in iOS 14. However, the company decided to give more time for developers to follow the rules. Several companies have said they worry about the new policy. Among these companies is Facebook. 

Apple’s Privacy Efforts

Apple’s privacy feature for iOS is the company’s boldest policy change in years. The feature prompts users when apps request their IDFA codes. For users, the code stands for Identification for Advertisers. The codes tell companies if their ads work across devices, among others. 

For example, IDFA codes let companies know when you download an app through a Facebook ad. These codes also tell them when a product on Instagram redirects you to an online store.

Facebook has said that Apple’s update would harm the Facebook Network. However, the company did say they would stop using IDFA codes. Facebook noted that smaller companies might not be able to afford to do the same.  

More Apple Privacy Features

Apple also plans to roll out another new privacy policy. In the new policy, developers should specify how and where it collects and stores user data. This data includes health and fitness data, location data, and web browsing history. 

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