Apple Players Will Lose Fortnite’s Cross-Play Multiplayer

Apple users who still want to play Fortnite can play the game, but only with other Apple players. Epic Games confirmed that players on iOS or macOS would lose Fortnite’s cross-play multiplayer with Android devices. With this move, Fortnite is splitting into two games. This announcement comes after the first hearing of Epic’s lawsuit against Apple. 

Epic Hits Back at Apple

According to the Verge, the new season of Fortnite drops on August 27. However, only Android players can update their games. Apple users will remain on the current version, and they can only play with fellow Apple users. Players on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android phones can play the new update with one another. Reportedly, the new Fortnite season will have a Marvel theme. 

If you’re a Marvel fan and an Apple user, you might have to make a difficult choice. 

Why Won’t Epic Update Fortnite on Apple?

After their first hearing Monday, the judge allowed Apple to keep Fortnite out of the App Store. On the other hand, the judge also let Epic Games keep access to the Unreal Engine and other iOS developer tools. The upcoming September 28 hearing could make these decisions stand for the duration of the trial.

Apple had said that Epic simply needs to comply with App Store guidelines to bring Fortnite back. If Epic does this, Apple will welcome Fortnite back with open arms. With this statement, Apple is laying the blame for Fortnite’s removal squarely on Epic’s feet. 

Why Are Epic and Apple Fighting?

Apple had removed Fortnite because of Epic’s new direct payment option for the app. The company had wanted users to pay them directly instead of going through Apple’s in-app purchase system.

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