Basic Things Every International Students Should Know About Canada

Basic Things Every International Students Should Know About Canada

Basic Things Every International Students Should Know About Canada

Every Indian student yearns to flourish his/her career in Canada. It is the most illustrious country that possesses outstanding educational institutes. Additionally, it offers a plethora of opportunities to students to explore themselves. The multicultural environment and vibrant cities spellbind international students. Before entering Canada, you must have a clue of some basic things. There are myriad things you should be well acquainted with before you step in Canada. Knowing everything in advance can help you deal with every situation efficiently. 

The only way you can attain higher studies in Canada is by having a study visa. How do you get it? Obviously with the guidance of an ideal immigration consultant. To make your application process hassle-free, link with trustworthy immigration consultants in Jalandhar. They can help you out on choosing the best institute and city for pursuing higher studies. However, are you eager to learn about Canada? If really, then this article can serve great help to you. 

Here we have enumerated basic things every international student should know about Canada:

  • Affordable study expense

Compared to other foreign countries, Canada demands less tuition fees. The fee for an undergraduate degree in Canada is approximately between $15,000-$20,000. On the other hand, the cost of living is equally affordable. Economical cost of living plus cost of education induces students to rush to Canada. Note that lesser tuition fee doesn’t denote low quality education. You’ll get excellent educational services at desirable costs. Additionally, you’ll get ample research opportunities to polish your potential.

  • Two main languages

There are two official languages of Canada i.e. English and French. You’ll find most of the french speakers in the province of Quebec. However, you may find people from other cities speaking in french language. If you are thinking of studying in Quebec, be adept in both English and French language. Otherwise, being proficient in English language only can help you. Moreover, it is essential to ingrain best english language skills. Therefore, you need to clear an IELTS exam to get Canada study visa.

  • Be prepared to endure weather

There is no secret that Canada has severe cold weather for almost eight months. To live there, you need to carry a jacket, woolen scarf, waterproof boots etc. Sometimes in winters you may face difficulty in transportation, keep yourself prepared to travel through the snow. However, you may experience pleasant weather between April-September. These are the best months to plan holidays and roam in different cities of the country. So, fulfil your dream of migrating to Canada with the help of a reliable Canada visa consultant.

  • You can work while studying

The government of Canada allows international students to work while studying. It helps in bearing the cost of living in Canada. International students are allowed to work for at most 20 hours each week. However, some courses may set forth students to not work for more than 9 hours a week. Thus, it depends upon your course and institute on how much time you’ll get for part-time work.

  • Privilege of getting scholarships

Being an international student, you’ll not be discriminated and treated the same as native students. The government of Canada offers various scholarships to encourage the international students. This is one of the major factors that attracts millions of international students to Canada. Therefore, now Canada is a leading country that holds maximum international students. Whereas, other countries don’t provide these many scholarships. Hence, you’ll never regret after choosing Canada to pursue higher studies.

  • World-wide acceptance of degrees

Canada is home to top-notch universities that have globally acceptable degrees. Therefore, after completing your degree in Canada you can get a high paying job in your home country. Additionally, many surveys disclose that Canada holds the top universities of the world. This is one of the enchanting reasons that drive students to move to Canada. If you want to build your career in Canada, then you’ll get numerous opportunities there also.

  • You need to have Canada study visa

Without a doubt, students aiming to study in Canada should bear a study visa. To get your study visa successfully, you need to search for an adept visa consultant. Finding the best visa consultant is like finding a herb in the desert. It’s tough. Nevertheless, not impossible. Pick a well experienced and knowledgeable visa consultant to initiate your visa process. If you have made up your mind to migrate to Canada, link with a valuable Canada visa consultant


There are a number of things that you should consider before moving to Canada. For your betterment, we have listed every possible thing above. If you have a strong will to flourish your career in Canada, then get to know about that country first.  From the best education to lucrative jobs, you’ll be privileged to get everything. So, get yourself a study visa for Canada and move there to savour golden opportunities.

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