Be In The New Finance With Binance Smart Chain Development

Be In The New Finance With Binance Smart Chain Development

Be In The New Finance With Binance Smart Chain Development

Binance & Its Endeavors 

Steve Jobs, during his eventful and memorable introduction of the iPhone in 2007, said a statement that could be extended for any business and any organization that aims at innovation. He said that a company that decides to build its own robust software must also build its own hardware. Binance, as you may have known, is one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and is the undisputed leader when it comes to revenue and trading volumes. It cannot be denied that Binance, as a company, has some hold in the global blockchain landscape.In all of this, Binance had to depend on an existing blockchain ecosystem for all activities. In an endeavor to create its own blockchain, Binance built the Binance Chain. The Binance Smart Chain, however, had a few limitations that hampered and hindered its well-deserved progress. Therefore, Binance, in an attempt to renew its interest with a greater degree of accuracy, created the Binance Smart Chain, commonly abbreviated BSC.


What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain is a smart contract-enabled blockchain created, as the name implies, by the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Binance acts as a parallel chain to the older blockchain by Binance, the Binance Chain.

The Binance Smart Chain has been created in such a way that it is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This enables developers to seamlessly build and deploy decentralized applications built for the Ethereum blockchain on the new Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

BSC also supports cross-chain transfers. It also allows the creation of pegged coins which are, in essence, tokens that are pegged to the Binance Smart Chain. These tokens could include BTC, ETH, TRX, and a lot more. Just like how Ethereum has the ERC-20 standard, the BSC has the BEP-20 standard for the tokens.

The standard enables token developers to easily create and issue tokens that can represent a wide variety of assets that underlie them.


The Relevance Of Binance Smart Chain 

Blockchain experts have concluded that the BSC is one of the best blockchains that provides a powerful ecosystem for enabling decentralized finance, commonly abbreviated DeFi. To understand the relevance and importance of BSC, we need to understand what DeFi is and why it is the need of the hour!


The Digression – What is DeFi? 

As we have already seen, DeFi is decentralized finance. It is a completely digital financial ecosystem native to the Internet. It offers almost all the products and services that are available with traditional finance… Such as savings, loans, and other facilities but the difference is that it is completely built on the blockchain.

Since the blockchain by itself is a decentralized and autonomous ledger technology, the entire financial ecosystem does not depend on any centralized body like a bank. The different functions and utilities are enabled by completely decentralized applications that sit on the blockchain and these apps are abbreviated d’Apps.


What Is The Relevance Of DeFi?

Considering that the entire digital world is progressing towards creating a more private and secure ecosystem of transactions, DeFi is one of the most important milestones in that progression. With DeFi, the entire world of finance is capable of running without any intermediary or a centralized body like a bank. This would also mean that transactions can be carried on a global scale.

The speed and efficiency with which transactions can be carried out on a DeFi network are completely contingent upon the performance of the blockchain. Therefore, the blockchain that enables DeFi has to be reliable, fast, cheap, secure, and extremely user-friendly.


The Advantages of Binance Smart Chain 

Now that we know the need for DeFi and the properties of a blockchain that is expected to support DeFi, let us look at the different advantages and features that make the Binance Smart Chain one of the top contenders for being the Numero Uno choice for DeFi and for building decentralized finance applications.

Cost-effectiveness: Blockchain technology, by itself, is considered an economic alternative to the existing financial ecosystems when it comes to facilitating transfers. However, for the blockchain to execute an operation, there are certain transaction fees collected by people who validate the transaction. This ensures that the blockchain records and processes valid transactions. This is one of the biggest factors to consider before choosing a blockchain protocol. Ethereum, the go-to choice for DeFi projects, has recently recorded a single transaction fee of over $100. This might not be viable in the long run. Alternatively, the Binance Smart Chain has charges between $0.01 and  $0.05 for the same service/transaction.

Speed of transaction: Any transaction validated across the blockchain requires quite some number of confirmations before it can be considered completely processed. These validation steps are in place only to ensure that there are no risks or at least, minimal risk of double-spending. It is easily inferred that the confirmation time is proportional to the time taken to complete a transaction. There is a need to minimize the time taken for confirmation without compromising on the security and the authenticity of validation. The Ethereum blockchain, for a long time, has been plagued with scalability challenges. This has resulted in considerably long waiting times and unwarranted congestion in traffic. The Binance Smart Chain was designed to precisely address this pain point. The blockchain has high-performance, low latency, and high throughput for easy implementation of smart contracts, making it easily scalable. This increases the speed of transactions without compromising on security and keeping risks minimal. 


Binance Smart Chain Development – The Need Of The Hour

Ethereum and Bitcoin can be considered the Ferrari and the Lamborghini of the blockchain world while high-performance blockchains like the Binance Smart Chain and TRON can be considered the Koenigsegg and the Pagani. They are better performers but they might not have the muscle of popularity to flex before the masses.

Now that the importance and relevance of DeFi have been established, it is quite predictable that DeFi will be the order of the future. When we look at a future that values privacy and security over anything else, it is possible that even mainstream banks might adopt the distributed ledger technology to power their transactions. 

The banks will want to choose a blockchain that does not charge a hefty sum for every transaction and that does not have limitations with respect to scalability. Given these attributes, the Binance Smart Chain is one of the most eligible candidates and contenders.

Sooner than later, that will be a heavy demand for decentralized apps that run on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain development would be one of the most en vogue blockchain development segments in the future. If you are a hypertrophic visionary entrepreneur, now would be a perfect time for you to invest in Binance Smart Chain development services.



A Binance Smart Chain development company should have not just the technical expertise but should also understand the protocol, the possibilities of BEP20 token development, its implications, and the way it creates an impact in the real world.

If you, as an entrepreneur, would like to explore this world of Binance Smart Chain development and Binance Smart Chain token development, all you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in decentralized application development for the DeFi Space. They will take care to understand your precise requirements and your business case. 

With the right expertise and with perfect understanding, you could be one of the harbingers when it comes to launching your own DeFi application on the BSC blockchain. The company, when meticulously chosen, will also address any issues and loopholes that you might have with respect to security, privacy, and scalability. It is true that it might take some time before DeFi reaches its full capacity and the Binance Smart Chain establishes its inevitable relevance. However, if you are ahead to start, it is quite possible that you will be the leader even before others contemplate catching up!

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