Boom Bust explores what Biden’s $2 TRILLION infrastructure plan is all about

US President Joe Biden is expected to unveil a massive infrastructure spending plan, the first of a two-part proposal to help the nation’s economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

RT’s Boom Bust talks to Michele Schneider of, who says that it’s a “very wide-ranging” package.

“In terms of what this is going to do for the economy, no one is going to argue with the fact that an infrastructure package is desperately needed in this country for many reasons, not from just job growth but even for morale, as we continue to slip behind Asian countries in terms of our infrastructure,” Schneider explains.

She adds that, as for “the taxes and the costs and the spending, that’s where I think we’ll start to see some sticking points and how effective, if any, agreement can be made between the two sides of the fence.”

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