Check Out the New Hodinkee Eight-Day Travel Watch

If you’re tired of your smartphone, and you have $6,000 on hand, you might check out the new travel clock from Hodinkee. This luxury travel watch is a smaller version of an old-fashioned clock, but sleeker and more stylish. You can even lug it around on your trips. 

What Is the Hodinkee Eight-Day Travel Clock?

Gizmodo reports that the Hodinkee Eight-Day Travel Clock comes in “shaped like a Leica camera,” and has a “goat leather” case, “dyed our signature shade of Hodinkee gray.” The clock face also looks modern, thanks to a new font designed by Jonathan Hoefler. Called “Decimal,” this font looks similar to old-school watch typefaces.

Can I Take the Hodinkee Eight-Day Travel Clock on My Trips?

Simply put, you can take the Eight-Day Travel Clock with you when you travel, and it can be your alarm clock. From Hodinkee’s blog, the Travel Clock needs manual winding. Its battery can also power the device for eight days. If you’re concerned about packing, you can fit the Travel Clock in your palm, your pockets, or inside your briefcase.

Its alarm clock functionality also makes it ideal for business trips. If you want a more stylish alarm clock than your smartphone, this Hermes-inspired clock could be the gift for you. 

How Much Is the Hodinkee Eight-Day Travel Clock?

Hodinkee is selling the Eight-Day Travel Clock at $5,900, and it’s only stocking 96 items. The company says they can only sell so many watches because each of them is handcrafted. However, if you manage to snag one, your clock will have a numbered certificate. You will also get a “handmade shell cordovan carrying case with a suede interior.” Finally, you can also avail of a three-year warranty.

Want one? Buy it here.

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