China will soon dominate space, entrepreneur tells RT’s Keiser Report

Max Keiser talks to entrepreneur Dan Collins, who has recently returned to the US after 20 years living and working in China. They discuss the implications of China planting its flag on the Moon.

If you look at some of the scientific progress that is coming out of China, Collins says, it is clear that the United States will soon (if not already) end in the “catch-up phase” in terms of scientific and technical development.

“They are implementing artificial intelligence now across the entire society, which is way surpassing US,” he says, pointing out that China has “very ambitious missions to Mars, moon colonies, they are basically in ascendance when it comes to space.”

Collins adds that “The Chinese are so dominating in terms of all commodities,” including oil and ore, everything that is getting imported, “they will control space and they will have to go global and expand.”

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