David Seruya | What’s Next for Total Home Protection?

Total Home Protection greets the new year with us today by telling us what they have planned! With the news coming straight to you from the CEO of Total Home Protection himself, David Seruya.

Hello, thank you very much for joining us today! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Who are you? And, when did you decide to get into the home warranty industry?

David Seruya: Hello, my name is David Seruya. I’m the Founder and CEO of Total Home Protection, a home warranty company based in New Jersey.

Before I worked on Total Home Protection (THP) though, I was a mortgage broker at an NYC firm called Universal Mortgage. I think I was about 21 years old, or thereabouts, by the time I decided I wasn’t really the type of guy that was going to be content just working under someone else. Which is what led me to start my own business, and later, founding THP.

How was 2020 for you? Were there any big changes in how you did business at THP?

David Seruya: 2020 was a big year for us when it came to reducing our labor costs and improving our telephone hold times. I’m sure that’s something a lot of other people had to deal with as well, what with COVID and the high unemployment rates that came along with it.

Fortunately for us, we got an early start with our newly developed AI-based CRM platform, but, even so, it was evident that automation was something that we had to integrate more into what we do.

What guiding principle will be guiding you for 2021?

David Seruya: Our focus for this year is to do our best to make the customer journey as smooth and as pleasant for our customers as possible.

And how do you plan to make sure that you’re staying true to this principle?

David Seruya: We plan to continue developing our process to include more automation. Until we can come to the point where we can confidently say that we’ve automated as much of the Customer Journey as possible — without sacrificing our quality of service.

And finally, do you have any last-minute advice for other business owners who may be experiencing the same growing pains as you are with THP?

David Seruya: Don’t rush. It’s tempting to put things out there, but don’t make any changes that you aren’t comfortable with or that you haven’t tested. Tests are meant to improve upon things, after all. So, skipping that part of the process will only result in more issues for you in the future. And, during times like these? It’s all the more crucial that you avoid those issues.

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