Easy steps to clean garments in a Washing Machine

Easy steps to clean garments in a Washing Machine

Easy steps to clean garments in a Washing Machine

The fully automatic washing machine is considered one of the greatest inventions. They are good for the homemakers to reduce the daily chores. There were no fully automatic washing machine in earlier days, so homemakers had little time to enjoy their life. Most of the time, they were spending doing the household chores. But with the invention of the washing machine, cleaning clothes became an easy task.

Let us see how this time saver machine reduces the laundry time and makes the work more easy and effective in washing the clothes.

1. Ready the clothes for washing

 First of all, it is mandatory to check all the pockets of the clothes. You will find pieces of small papers and coins that you left in the pocket. If these clothes are washed with these articles, it will mess up the whole laundry and your washing machine. Another important thing not to be missed is to turn the clothes inside out so that the colour of your clothes does no fade while washing and prevent lint from sticking onto the clothes while washing.

 2. The dried dirt on the clothes should be scrubbed

It is necessary to use a brush to scrub off the dried dirt from your garments. Also, make sure to be extra gentle while doing this on delicate garments. Collars and armpits of clothes should be pre-treated individually with hands and cleaning detergent to remove the tough stains as it is prone to be the dirtiest spot in clothes.

3. Tackle tough stains

If you spot any stains on the clothes, stop no further, remove the stains before washing them in the washer. You can easily remove these stains by rubbing the stained region with a little laundry detergent and soaking them in normal water. Rubbing the stained region with your hands will penetrate the detergent deeply into the clothes and removes the stain in a better way. If this doesn’t help, then consider soaking your clothes for some more time. Please stay away from dipping the clothes in hot water as it will make the stains permanent.

Always check the wash care labels of the garments before putting high reacting agents on your clothes. Not every clothes take bleach in a good manner, so be very careful while dealing with these chemicals.

4. Sort the clothes according to their colour and nature

It is highly recommended to sort the clothes into white garments and coloured garments. Make sure to keep aside new clothes that tend to bleed the colours. Check the wash care label of the cloth as it will be mentioned to “wash separately” if the cloth has a tendency to lose its colour while washing. Some clothes should be washed with caution or should never be washed in the best top load washing machine in India, such as raincoats, car cover, leather or faux leather, silk clothes and heavily soiled clothes that are not pre-treated.

5. Select a suitable water temperature and wash cycle

Washing clothes at normal water temperature is the best and the safest way to prevent the clothes from shrinking and fading of colour. But many people prefer a hot wash over a cold wash. Hot water makes the laundry detergent more effective in removing the stain and dirt from your clothes.

But in some scenarios, it is hard to avoid hot water wash if your cloth is heavily soiled, like the bath towel that has not been washed with detergent for a long time. The diaper, kitchen towel or work clothes require hot water wash to kill the germs and bacteria.

Wash cycles should be set according to the type of clothes that you are washing. The wash cycle represents the intensity of wash given to the clothes. Everything will be mentioned on the wash care label of the clothes, whether it requires normal wash, delicate wash or deep clan cycle. The best washing machine brands come with a lot of wash cycles.

6. Type of detergent to be used while washing clothes

Using liquid detergent or detergent solution is the most preferable to wash your garments. They are gentle and highly effective on clothes. Powder detergents are also effective, but they tend to clog the detergent tray with detergent powder residue. So, if at any circumstance you face clogging in the detergent tray, then put the detergent powder manually into the washtub when it is fully filled with water. Please stay away from putting the detergent powder directing on clothes as it will cause discolouration on the spot where the detergent is directly put. If the detergent is too strong, you can dilute the detergent in water for making it more effective. Also, make sure not to put excess detergent for washing as it will cause discolouration to the clothes and cause mechanical problems to the machine.

7. Washing

Washing machine types vary and may come as top load, front load, or semi-automatic washing machine. Choose the best settings considering the machine type and the types of fabrics put in the washing machine for cleaning. The most convenient and efficient type is the front load washing machine. Soaking, washing, rinsing, drying all are pre-programmed. All you have to do is select the pre-programmed setting, and the rest will be taken care of by the washing machine. You can use fabric softener while washing to make the clothes wrinkle-free.

8. Drying of clothes

Your washing machine might also come with a powerful dryer that takes care of the drying of clothes. Some washing machines are so efficient that they will fully dry the clothes, but some may only partially dry them. So you will have to line dry the clothes in sunlight. It would be better if you remove the clothes from the washing machine after drying as it will not cause wrinkles in your clothes.

So here are the easy steps to follow while you wash the clothes in a washing machine. Make sure you clean the washing machine after every wash, as it will enhance its durability.

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