Edison Mail Unveils $15 Subscription With Anti-Phishing Features

If you’re on Edison Mail and you want to beef up your email security, you might consider getting its new paid service. Called Edison Mail Plus, this service adds anti-phishing and other security measures to the email app. The monthly plan costs $14.99, while the annual plan costs $99.99. 

Edison Mail Plus Security Features

Once you get a plan, you’ll first notice the “verify sender” feature. This feature notifies you of suspicious emails as soon as they reach your inbox. Also, your Edison app will inform you if the company or person who emailed you is legitimate. The app will check emails using email markers like DMARC. It also tests servers if the sender can send and receive emails or if they are just spoofing real email addresses. Also, Edison Mail checks the email if it came from existing spam databases. 

More Edison Security Features

Moreover, Edison Mail Plus scans your existing email and contacts per device to verify their details. Now you can tell whether you’re getting an email someone you do know or a fraud. If you’re worried about security, Edison stresses that the scan only happens on your device, and it won’t release your information.  

Edison Mail Spam Blocking

An email browser is only as good as its spam blocking ability. With Edison Mail Plus, you get improved spam blocking. The app identifies phone numbers in emails. It will also show the info on phone calls and texts you receive. If you want to block a number, you can do that on the Edison app with a single tap.

Unless you struggle with phishing, think hard about your email habits before shelling out $15 a month for Edison Mail Plus.

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