Einride to Roll Out Driverless Freight Trucks by 2021

The future of delivery could be autonomous trucks. We’ll see, but Swedish autonomous trucking startup Einride plans to roll out its fleet of driverless freight trucks in 2021. Since the trucks don’t need drivers, they don’t have steering wheels, pedals, and windshields. In short, they don’t look like freight trucks at all. 

Einride’s Driverless Trucks

The Verge reports that Einride has spent years creating truck prototypes since 2016. In 2017, the startup rolledout the T-Pod. Currently, four T-Pods haul freight on public roads for Swedish food producer Oatly. Then, in 2018, Einride also revealed the T-Log, designed to carry giant tree logs. 

This year, Einride has unveiled the Autonomous Electric Transport (AET). These trucks come in four different models. However, all of Einride’s vehicles still require a human operator to control remotely. 

How Do Einride’s Driverless Trucks Work?

In terms of design, the AET looks similar to the T-Pod prototype. However, CEO Robert Falck said the AET should be more aerodynamic than the T-Pod. 

For the AET, Einride plans to release four levels. The first two models are the AET 1 and AET 2. Both models can reach top speeds of 30 km/h, weigh 26 tons, and carry 16 tons. Their battery range also covers 130-180 km. The next two models, AET 3 and AET 4 have similar weight and payload capacities. However, the AET 3 can reach 45 km/h, while the AET 4 can reach 85 km/h. 

Some Problems

These driverless trucks could pose problems for truckers. If these new trucks succeed, they could render 4.4 million professional drivers obsolete by 2030. These trucks could also cut demand for drivers by 50 to 70% in both continents by the same year.

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