Emerson Completes Acquiring Two Tech Firms to Expand its Software, Digital Portfolio

American automation company Emerson announced last week that it acquired Italian tech firm Progea Group. Meanwhile, it also completed its acquisition of software company Open Systems International, Inc.

New Companies Under Emerson

The Modena-based company Progea Group leads the industry in providing industrial internet of things (IIoT), plant analytics, human-machine interface (HMI), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technologies, Emerson said. Progea will enable Emerson to expand its industrial automation control and software technology.

On the other hand, Open Systems International focuses on providing leading operations technology software. OSI will complement Emerson’s software portfolio.

Emerson will integrate both companies into its automation solutions business. According to Yahoo! Finance, the automation solutions segment contributed 66.1 percent to Emerson’s overall revenue for the fiscal 2020 third quarter. 

Emerson + Progea Group

In a press release, Emerson said that the deal will help the company to bridge a critical customer gap. Particularly, the purchase of the Progea Group will allow them to lower the cost as it streamlines its digital transformation when working with multiple vendors.

“The acquisition of Progea strengthens our ability to provide customers with an integrated package of control, visualization, and IoT,” Lal Karsanbhai said. Karsanbhai serves as the executive vice president of Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. 

Karsanbhai added that Progea has the capability and knowledge in machine and plant-level visualization and analytics. With the integration of Progea, Emerson can “help our customers improve overall equipment efficiency and accelerate their digital transformation journey,” the executive added.

Emerson + Open Systems International

Emerson has bought the Minneapolis-based Open Systems International for $1.6 billion with an all-cash payment. Mainly, Open Systems caters to the utilities sector with its business automation services, Yahoo! Finance reports. Consequently, this new company would add to Emerson’s existing standalone software and associated engineering implementation and services portfolio. 

In a statement, Emerson said the deal will allow the company to provide utility to customers while optimizing energy efficiency.

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