End Knee Pain by Doing These Simple Exercises

End Knee Pain by Doing These Simple Exercises

End Knee Pain by Doing These Simple Exercises

There are many factors behind arthritis knee pain and if you have this it is always advisable to get this checked by a doctor or physical therapist to determine the cause of pain. However here are a few basic Knee Pain Exercise which you can do in the mean time. The most important exercises to undertake to make sure that you keep or enhance range of motion of your knee as well as improve strength. These type of exercises will assist you to lessen the pain.

1.Knee Extensions – Using a chair with the back of your thigh supported on the seat, straighten your knee as far as you are able to within the limits of your pain. Lower gently to the ground. Continue this for 10 times. When you straighten the knee hold it straight for a count of 3 and after that lower slowly to the ground. This exercise will help develop the big muscle on the front of your thigh called the quadriceps.

2.Static Quads – This is a simpler exercise for the quadriceps which is excellent if your leg is feeling quite weak. Lying or sitting upright in bed with your legs straight. Push your knee into the bed so that you are tightening the muscle on the front of your thigh, hold for a count of 3 and then relax. Do it again for 10 times.

3.Knee Flexion – Lie on your bed and place a huge tray or board below your foot. Making use of a rolled up sock or a folded cloth underneath your foot slide your foot up and down in order that your knee flexes and straightens. The sock or cloth will glide easily on the bed making it easier for you to move your knee. Attempt to bend your knee further each time. This exercise is great to get the movement back in your knee.

4.Inner Range Quads – Place a rolled large towel or blanket directly below your knee while you’re lying
or sitting down on the bed or floor. Raise your foot off the floor by straightening your knee keeping your leg resting on the blanket. Hold for 3 seconds then lower slowly back down. Perform repeatedly for 10 times.

5.Squats – Stand with your feet slightly apart. Slowly flex both knees and then straighten up back again. Repeat 10 times. When you begin to find this exercise easier make an effort to squat further down.

If all of these knee pain exercises cause any surge in pain it is best to stop and seek medical health advice. By conditioning the muscles around the knee it can help to protect the knee from damage.

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