England: Discover The Most Beautiful Places To Visit On Your Next English Adventure!

England: Discover The Most Beautiful Places To Visit On Your Next English Adventure!

England: Discover The Most Beautiful Places To Visit On Your Next English Adventure!

England belongs to the United Kingdom, as do Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. This country covers most of the central and southern parts of the island of Great Britain. At the origin of a brilliant civilization and the British Empire, on which the sun never set it was said. Moreover, England is the homeland of the Beatles, Harry Potter, fish & chips, tea, and royal gossip.

Fortunately, England is more than its clichés or its capital. And also, to discover its hidden riches, you will necessarily have to visit London. Just, plan your getaway, make american airlines booking online. And get up to 50% off on one-way, round, and last-minute bookings. So if you are wondering what to do in England, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will help you prepare for your future trip to this beautiful and old European country! We have listed 15 of the most beautiful places you should visit in England.

York, the city of a hundred faces

York is this walled city in the north of England where you can find both very old monuments with magnificent architecture and a festival dedicated to food and wine, not to mention the Assises de la BièreAnglaise, a very popular university, outlet stores and so on! Stop for a drink at the Shambles Tavern, its full name the ‘Ye Olde Shambles Tavern’, a great address (and read here why so many pubs in England have a name that begins with Ye Olde).

Oxford or Cambridge

It’s a debate that always makes me think of the famous question: “Is Nantes part of Brittany?” This is the kind of question that divides … and when it comes to choosing between Oxford and Cambridge, you will get votes on both sides!


To immerse yourself in a film set full of authenticity, head to Lacock, a small village east of Bath. Its oldest monuments are almost 1000 years old and for a long time, Lacock lived off the textile industry. When it disappeared 200 years ago, the village froze in the state it was at the time which gives it today a crazy charm! Several Harry Potter scenes were shot on location, not to mention episodes from the Downton Abbey series or scenes from the film Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth.

Castle Combe, the preserved village

Castle Combe is, like Lacock, a few miles from the town of Chippenham. It has been around for many centuries and is often touted as one of the prettiest villages in England, if not the prettiest.

The best of attractions

Get closer to the mystery at Stonehenge

Stonehenge represents one of the most magical and mysterious places in the world. This circular megalithic site, built based on gigantic 40-ton dolmens, accumulates a large number of legends throughout the centuries.

Celebrate (anything) in a pub

Do not leave England without first having lived a real night in a pub, it is an experience that you cannot miss! Order a pint (remember that you have to do it at the bar or you can die of thirst) and then another, and then another.

The London eye

Since it officially opened on New Year’s Eve 1999 (as part of the millennium celebrations), the London Eye has become one of London’s most popular attractions. It has 32 sealed capsules, with a capacity for a total of 800 people, which rotate in a huge Ferris wheel that takes half an hour to make a complete revolution, which allows endless photos to be taken from different angles and heights of this incredible and cosmopolitan town.

Nightlife in England

England is not Spain, but some cities come closer. England’s nightlife has changed a lot in recent years, as it has cities that are highly sought after Erasmus destinations. An example of this is Leeds, which has stores that close at 5 in the morning, and London, which you can get home at 7. In addition, there is so much mix that we find in England that you like the style that you like, you will find the best place to party in England to your liking.


If you prefer a quieter night plan, you have a cultural offer of cinema, opera, ballet, theater, and temporary shows in almost all English cities. Afterward, you can go for a drink at any bar/pub. If you are looking/planning a trip to the UK. Feel free to browse through the best UK holiday packages on Airlines Vacations for an impeccable experience!

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