Facebook Combines Messenger and Instagram

In its attempts to fuse its apps into one, Facebook has merged Messenger and Instagram. With this move, you can chat with other people from Messenger to Instagram, and vice versa. You won’t even need to get a separate app. 

Instagram and Messenger in One

In a blog post, both heads of Instagram and Messenger spoke of the merger. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, and Stan Chudnovsky, head of Messenger, welcomed the update to Instagram.

This merger means that Facebook is bringing Messenger’s chat features to Instagram. In their post, the two heads said that more people are chatting privately on social media nowadays. Knowing this, they wanted to connect both experiences in one app.

Messenger on Instagram?

Gizmodo reports that the new update gives Instagram new messaging features. Among these new features is a “Watch Together” mode. This mode lets people watch viral videos while video-chatting. Another new feature is the “Vanish mode.” With this mode, you can set your messages to disappear as soon as the recipient reads them.

In August, Facebook had already hinted at mixing Messenger and Instagram. Instagram users on Android and iOS received messages telling them they could use Instagram to chat with friends on Messenger. 

What’s Next for Facebook?

In the Gizmodo report, Facebook should roll out the new messaging service to some countries worldwide. Soon after, the company will expand this service to all countries. However, this service would not support chatting with WhatsApp.

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