Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming Service for Free-to-Play Mobile Games

Facebook has launched Facebook Gaming, a cloud gaming service that lets you stream free-to-play mobile games on browser and Android.

After Google and Amazon, Facebook has now joined the cloud gaming wars. The social media titan has launched Facebook Gaming. However, it’s different from Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna. For one, you can’t stream PC or console games on Facebook Gaming. Instead, you can only stream free-to-play mobile games. 

Facebook Gaming

Kotaku reports that Facebook Gaming is now out in California, Texas, as well as Northeast and mid-Atlantic states. For now, it’s only available on the web and Android. Unlike Stadia or Luna, Facebook Gaming just adds to the vast selection of browser games available on the platform. 

If you go to Facebook Gaming’s page, you can try out these mobile games:

  •     Asphalt 9: Legends
  •     Mobile Legends: Adventure
  •     PGA TOUR Golf Shootout
  •     Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale
  •     WWE SuperCard

You don’t need to open separate apps to play these games. Just open your browser or Facebook app and play. 

What’s New About Facebook Gaming?

Facebook says that it shouldn’t replace standard gaming hardware. The company also doesn’t intend to compete in terms of streaming speeds. In other words, Facebook just wants to give users wholesome games to pass the time at work.

You can also choose avatars and change your names on Facebook Gaming. With the new player names, you can also play various games across apps. Moreover, you can say goodbye to crappy mobile game ads cropping up on your feed. Facebook Gaming will now show game ads that feature actual gameplay. 

Should You Try Facebook Gaming?

If you’re just playing a free-to-play mobile game anyway, you could just download the app itself. However, if you don’t have much space on your phone, you can stream the same games. You don’t even need to buy a new controller.

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