Facebook Will Tell You the Next US President

Facebook said it will notify you on both Facebook and Instagram when the media projects a winner in the 2020 elections.

As if the 2020 election wasn’t stressful enough already, Facebook plans to join the fun. When the media calls the winner, you will see his name at the top of your Facebook and Instagram feeds. You’ll also see a label for the candidates’ posts. Moreover, you’ll also get info on voting information centers. 

Facebook and Elections

The Verge reports that Facebook will notify you once the media projects the winner. Facebook will get its information from these media outlets:

  •     Reuters
  •     ABC News
  •     CBS News
  •     Fox News
  •     NBC News
  •     CNN
  •     The Associated Press

Spokesperson Tom Reynolds said Facebook wants to stop the spread of fake news and election lies on the platform. 

Facebook’s Election Moves 

As of now, Facebook has already limited posts that contain wrong information. These posts also contain false claims about the election. Moreover, Facebook has stopped election-related videos from spreading. 

Other Steps

Earlier, Facebook said it was taking steps to stop lies and false claims on its apps. The company banned US political ads on Tuesday. Before the election, Facebook also froze sales from political ads. The company also banned a Facebook group called “Stop the Steal,” with 300,000 members. About the ban, the company said the group kept calling for violence. Moreover, Facebook even blocked many hashtags claiming election fraud.

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