Facebook Working on “Smart Audio” for AR Glasses

Facebook’s interest in VR and AR has led them to push the development of “smart audio.” The company has published an explainer into its ongoing AR research. 

Facebook’s Smart Audio

The company has published an in-depth article on “smart audio.” According to Gizmodo, Facebook’s AR tech runs on a concept known as “social presence.” The report says the company wants to bridge gaps between perception and reality. For example, the smallest audio mismatch could take you out of the AR experience right away, even if your headset does work.

Facebook Reality Labs Research is hard at work to solve this problem. They’re figuring out how to make virtual sounds align perfectly with reality. In the process, they are also trying to “redefine human hearing.” 

In simple terms, the lab wants to reduce irrelevant background noise while amplifying virtual sounds. Gizmodo compares this ability to superheroes’ super-hearing ability.  

How Does Smart Audio Work with AR?

FRL Research says that “smart audio” would work with AR glasses. Microphones in the glasses should pick up background noises. After that, the glasses study your head and eye movement to know what you want to hear. From this data, “smart audio” would dampen background noise while enhancing other sounds.

This tech could also work with Facebook’s LiveMaps. For example, if you enter a noisy room, the glasses could spot distracting noises. These noises could include conversations and machines. AI would remove the noises for you. 

Will Facebook’s Smart Audio Come Out Soon?

If you want a piece of Facebook’s smart audio, you’ll have to wait for a few years. Facebook plans to launch its AR glasses between 2023 and 2025.

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