FDA Approves Yale’s Salivadirect Test For Public Use

To help test more Americans for COVID-19, the FDA approved the SalivaDirect test for public use. This test uses a person’s saliva to detect the virus. With SalivaDirect, more US citizens can get tested. SalivaDirect delivers fast results at lower prices.

The US FDA approved SalivaDirect for emergency use on Saturday. 

COVID-19 Testing with SalivaDirect

CNN reports that experts from the Yale School of Public Health created SalivaDirect. Unlike swab tests, you don’t need swabs or external collection devices with SalivaDirect. With reagents and samples, the whole kit could cost just over $10.

With SalivaDirect, Yale hopes they can help control the pandemic. The world needs to contain the virus while waiting for a vaccine. 

How Fast Is SalivaDirect?

In just three hours, SalivaDirect gives you accurate results. SalivaDirect’s results are as precise as standard nasal swab tests. Yale hopes to roll out the kits to the public in the next few weeks

Since Yale plans to make its test “open-source,” other labs could use the saliva test. They just have to follow Yale’s instructions.

Currently, the NBA uses SalivaDirect for testing. It has also funded Yale’s research. 

COVID-19 Testing in the US

Fewer US states are still testing for COVID-19. Last week, seventeen states did fewer tests than previous weeks. Right now, Americans have to wait for days before getting results back.

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