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Finland snow art: Locals create giant pattern on golf course

image copyrightJanne Pyykkö

image captionJanne Pyykkö and a team of 11 volunteers created the snow art over two days in early February

Carved in the snow by thousands of footsteps, a giant web of geometric patterns has appeared on a golf course in Finland, drawing global attention.

The spectacular design in the southern city of Espoo was the work of amateur artist Janne Pyykkö and 11 volunteers.

Using rope and snowshoes, Mr Pyykkö and his team created the artwork over two days last weekend.

Measuring 160m (525ft) across, the artwork is thought to be the largest snow drawing ever made in the country.

image copyrightGetty Images

image captionMr Pyykkö and his team used snowshoes and rope to make the impressions in the snow

“I have done small designs before,” Mr Pyykkö, an IT consultant for the company CGI, told the BBC. “I wanted to go to the next level, do something more complex than before.”

Inspired by his “hero” Simon Beck – a British artist renowned for snow drawings – Mr Pyykkö said he “wanted to create something beautiful” in the thick powder near his home.

First of all, Mr Pyykkö designed the pattern of interlocking shapes on his computer at home.

The drawing consisted of six large snow-flake-style shapes – all slightly different – with a star centrepiece connecting them in the middle.

image copyrightGetty Images

image captionMr Pyykkö said he was inspired by his “hero”, British artist Simon Beck

When he was happy with the design, Mr Pyykkö recruited collaborators from a Finnish snow-shoeing Facebook group.

Mr Pyykkö printed out detailed blueprints for each volunteer to follow, directing them to trace out his design on the snow-covered Löfkulla golf course, near the capital, Helsinki.

To make the patterns, they used rope and wore snowshoes measuring 50cm long and 30cm wide.

Mr Pyykkö said the project was a “social challenge” because he had never organised a group of volunteers to make snow art before.

“I was teaching this way of drawing to the volunteers, I only knew two people in advance,” he said.

Despite this, the volunteers managed to execute Mr Pyykkö’s instructions with precision on their first attempt.

image copyrightJanne Pyykkö

image captionThe artwork, on a golf course in the city of Espoo, was 160m (525ft) wide

One volunteer, Elena Ceccarelli, told AFP news agency the group spent “three hours laughing together and walking”.

“Any more than that and it would have started to get cold, but Janne [Pyykkö] was very good with the timing,” she said.

The artwork was only designed to be temporary, remaining visible for as long as the elements allow.

But excited by the interest his art has generated, Mr Pyykkö said he had further projects in mind.

Next time, though, they may be “a bit smaller”, he said.

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