Going in for a kill: Redditors going after targets they perceive to have stolen their money in 2008, says Max Keiser

The hosts of RT’s Keiser Report, Max and Stacy, look at the ‘revolt of the public’ as ordinary “schmucks” learn Wall Street tricks that deliver an advantage over the rest of the market.

The Reddit crowd knows that the US Federal Reserve can only print money to keep the American economy Ponzi scheme going, says Max. “And that angry Reddit WallStreetBets crowd is going in for a kill.”

He explains: “They know that more free money is coming. Just like the hedge funds on Wall street have banked on bailouts ever since 1987. They were bailed out in 2008, they were bailed out after the dotcom crash, they were bailed out continuously and, as a matter of fact, that bailout continues to this day, in the form of quantitative easing.”’

According to Max, “there’s apparently $65 billion in the war chest of the biggest hedge fund in the world now, which is Reddit and WallStreetBets. So, they’ve got a lot of cash and energy and expertise to go after targets out there that they perceive to have stolen their money in 2008.”

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