Gold is manipulated since it doesn’t have true price discovery – Max Keiser

RT’s Keiser Report hosts, Max and Stacy, look at the tumbling purchase power of the US dollar, with $1.9 trillion having been printed in stimulus in the past week.

“Comparing bitcoin to gold over the last 12 months, gold is now at zero percent – it’s fallen back to where it was at the beginning of the pandemic – while bitcoin’s up 574%,” Stacy says.

“It proves again that the price of gold doesn’t enjoy free price discovery, whereas bitcoin does,” says Max. “So, bitcoin is proving what many have said for years, going all the way back to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, when we first started talking about them 18 years ago. The price of gold is manipulated – it doesn’t have true price discovery. But bitcoin does. Bitcoin is showing you what the money print is doing,” he adds.

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