Google Assistant Now Helps You Do Self-Care

Working from home during COVID-19 causes a lot more stress than usual. Living under a pandemic means self-care is now more critical than ever. So, Google has updated Assistant to help you take time for self-care during the day. 

Google Assistant and Self-Care

The Verge reports that Google introduces a new Workday routine to Assistant. With the new routine, Assistant can now remind you, throughout the day, to set some moments aside for self-care. Aside from improving your work, Assistant also helps you stay healthy.  

How Google Assistant’s Self-Care Routine Works

COVID-19 has drastically changed our habits. Staying at home all the time has made us forget to take care of ourselves. So, Google Assistant pings you from time to time during the day to do small things for yourself. These actions could include getting a glass of water or taking a walk around the house. Before your workday ends, Google Assistant also tells you to wrap your tasks up. 

You can control what the alert says and what times they ring. 

When Can I Use Google Assistant’s Self-Care Routine?

If you have the Google Home app on iOS or Android, you can use the self-care routine this week. Just go to Home’s routines menu to enable the mode. 

Google is also updating Assistant’s Gentle Sleep and Wake feature to embrace more smart light bulbs. This feature turns these bulbs on and off, depending on your set times. Earlier, Google limited the feature only to Philips Hue bulbs. Now, this feature should work with all bulbs that are compatible with Google Assistant. 

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