Google Brings New Features to G Suite Mobile Apps

Google has made it easier to work away from the desktop computer with the release of new updates to the mobile versions of G Suite apps. These updates cover Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, and they change the apps’ appearance while adding small features. After last month’s announcement, Google is also making Dark Mode available for G Suite on mobile.

Here are some new features for G Suite mobile. 

G Suite Updates: Link Previews for Docs

One of G Suite mobile’s new features is the ability to preview links in Google Docs files. If you see a link in your Docs file, you can tap it to view relevant information about the link, instead of copying and pasting it to your browser. Included in the data are thumbnails, titles, and web descriptions. iOS and Android users can use this feature in a matter of weeks.

Vertical Navigation for Slides

The Slides app now offers expanded actions for mobile users. Now, you can do vertical scrolling for your slideshows, and you can pinch and zoom each slide if you want to review them. With this update, you can spot last-minute errors before you start your presentations. iOS and Android users will have to wait for a few months before using this feature. 

Suite Updates: Edit Microsoft Office Files with G Suite Apps

On the web version, users can edit their Microsoft Office files without hassle. This new update will port over that function to the mobile version. Access your Office files through G Suite mobile and get right to work. For Android users, they can start doing this in the coming weeks. However, iOS users will have to wait “later this year.

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