Google Chrome’s New Features to Improve Browsing

Google Chrome wants to make remote work simpler for everyone. If your job needs you to browse the web a lot, you’ll have too many tabs open at once. With Chrome’s new updates, you can simplify your overall web experience.

Google Chrome’s Tab Features

First off, Gizmodo reports that tabs on Google Chrome will now load about 10% faster. You won’t bog down your computer just because you have too many open tabs. In a blog post, Google also announced the tab groups feature. With tab groups, you can now gather your tabs together under one group label. Group them according to your chosen categories. After that, you can collapse the groups you don’t want to open and expand the ones you do.

How Do You Do Tab Groups in Chrome?

According to Gizmodo, adding a tab group is easy. Just right-click on a tab, select “Add Group,” then select “New Group.”  After that, Chrome will ask you to name a category. You can also add it to a group, and you can pick a color for your new group. From there, you can now collapse related tabs if you want more browser space.

Other New Google Chrome Features

Another feature that would ease your work life is the ability to fill out and save PDFs directly on Chrome. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about restarting your work every time you open a PDF.

Chrome is also rolling out the tab previews feature, which will save you browser space if you already have similar tabs open at once. With tab previews, just hover your cursor over a tab, and you’ll see a thumbnail shot of the page. 

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