Google Drive Will Now Delete Items From Trash After 30 Days

Google Drive will now delete trashed files after 30 days, starting from October 13. With this move, Google Drive will now work the same as Gmail and other Google products. Apple also automatically trashes deleted files after 30 days. 

Google Drive’s 30-Day Deletion

Users don’t have to worry anymore about Google Drive storing their trashed files indefinitely. In the past, you’d have to empty your trash folder yourself. If you’ve deleted some files on your mobile Drive app, they will disappear on every platform. Only G Suite administrators can restore deleted items for up to 25 days. So, if you deleted an essential work item by accident, you could still restore the file. G Suite administrators can also restore deleted drives, including their contents.

Google Drive Storage Quota

If you’re not looking forward to the automatic deletion feature, you’d still feel its benefits. For example, Google used to count deleted items toward your Drive’s storage quota. So, if you are only a free Google Drive user, your 15GB storage limit remains safe. Still, you might want to consider upgrading. 

Will Google Update Users?

Google plans to announce this feature to all users through banner notifications. These notifications should appear on Google Drive and the Google Docs and Forms apps. 

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