Google Lens to Help Students Solve Math Problems

Math homework won’t get any simpler with remote learning, but Google hopes to give students some peace of mind. As part of its remote learning updates, Google plans to let students solve math problems by taking a photo with Google Lens.

In May, Google had launched an augmented reality (AR) feature in Search to let students look at 3D versions of cell structures and anatomy models.   

Google Lens for Math

Similar to its Search AR feature, Google wants Lens to help students solve complex math problems. With the new Google Lens, students can just scan their textbooks and snap a photo of the problem that’s stumping them. After taking the picture, Lens would start explaining how to solve the problem.

Engadget says the idea behind Lens is to help students look up difficult math concepts so that they can solve hard equations. Math problems rely on specific concepts for their answers. If students can grasp these concepts, they can solve these problems quickly.

When Can Students Use the New Google Lens?

For Lens, Google is using tech made by Socratic, a mobile learning app Google acquired in 2019. Google didn’t say when it will roll out the new feature.  

More Google Learning Tools

Google said it has also added about 100 STEM-related 3D models for students on Search. Students can search for things like the “quantum mechanical model,” and they will see the whole thing. 

Moreover, Google also announced a slew of more features for remote learning. The company is enabling live captions for Google Meet. Students at home can also use Family Bell to alert them when their online classes start and when to take a break.

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