Google Meet to Let Users Cast Video Calls on TV

COVID-19 has forced people to start working from home, which means more video calls and meetings. If you’re sick of staring at your computer screen during calls, Google is now letting you cast them on your TV.  

Google Meet and Chromecast

Engadget reports that Google is rolling out an update to Meet that allows you to screen-cast your meetings through Chromecast. Before, this feature was only available on the Nest Hub Max. However, this new feature will only work on Google Chrome. Google will still use your camera, microphone, and computer audio to drive the screen-cast. You’ll just see your workmates or classmates on a larger screen.

How Do I Cast My Google Meet?

In a blog post, Google said it wants to help employees stay on top of their projects while working from home. With the all-new Meet, they can just join meetings on their TV while eating breakfast in the kitchen or sipping coffee in the living room. Students on remote learning can also attend lectures or deliver presentations on their TV.

Just create a Google account and update your Chrome browser. Also, check your Chromecast device for the latest firmware. Once you’re about to join a meeting, look for the “Cast this Meeting” option. Choose your device, and start casting. 

Is Google Meet Better than Zoom?

Google has used the pandemic to roll out regular updates to Google Meet, hoping to overtake Zoom. Last May, Google made Meet free to use for people with Google accounts. If you’re on Android, you can also use Meet on your Gmail app. However, you’ll have to wait for a few days before casting.

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