Google Rolls Back Nest Aware Update That Spread to Google Home

If you own a Google Home, you may have received an update to your smart speakers. Google Home owners who got the update may have also received free access to a perk that’s only available to Nest Aware subscribers. However, Google has already rolled back the update since it confused a lot of users. 

What Is This Google Home Update?

With the update, your Google Home will alert you whenever it hears sudden noises in your house. These noises could include smoke alarms and breaking glass. Your Google Home could have boosted your security system. 

Why Did Google Roll Back the Home Update?

However, since Google had rolled out the update without fanfare, users didn’t understand their Home’s new feature. When they got the update, they thought that Google Home was spying on them by listening to normal household sounds. Once enough users reported on the issue, Google quickly removed the update. 

What Did Google Have to Say?

A Google spokesperson told Android Police that they “erroneously rolled out” the Home update. They said that Google had updated the Nest’s software. But then the update managed to spread out to a small “subset” of Home, Home Mini, and Home Max speakers. 

The company has released a fix that will stop Home devices from detecting sounds in the house. Now that Google Home owners have accessed a paid feature without knowing about it, they might be open to getting a Nest Aware plan.

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