Google Stadia Can Now Stream Games Over 4G & 5G

Everything is streaming these days, so it’s natural for video games to follow. In 2019, Google launched its game streaming service, called Stadia. With the tech, you stream your video game as you play. Microsoft has also launched Project xCloud, a rival game streaming platform. To improve Stadia, Google has announced that gamers can now use their mobile 4G or 5G data to stream video games. 

How Do I Use My Mobile 4G Data on Google Stadia?

Engadget reports that you may not see the feature right away because Google is still rolling it out for its users. However, if you check the “Experiments” section of your settings menu, you can enable 4G streaming there. 

Before this update, Stadia users could only use Wi-Fi. They even had to use tethering just to trick Stadia that they were on Wi-Fi, instead of mobile data. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Project xCloud has already supported mobile streaming since its launch in 2019.

Will Google Stadia Eat Up All of My Mobile Data?

The tech site 9to5Google reports that using mobile 4G to stream games would eat up 2.7GB per hour. For 720p Wi-Fi streaming, you’d take 4.5GB per hour, while for 1080p, you’d consume 12.6GB per hour. With its current 4G setup, you can only stream games at 360p. 

What’s Next for Google Stadia?

Google has begun improving its cloud gaming app. For example, gamers can now try out a free version of the new tech, and they can even stream games at 4K. 

We all want to play the latest video games. But if you think the latest consoles are too expensive, you could turn to cloud gaming. With its new mobile data support, Google Stadia might be for you. 

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