Google Stadia Now Has Family Sharing

Google has announced that its cloud gaming service, Stadia, will now have family sharing, where groups can now share games across multiple accounts.

On Thursday, Google announced that its cloud gaming service Stadia would have family sharing. With family sharing, users could buy a game and play it across several accounts. You’d have to link yourselves through Google’s Play Family Library system first.  

Stadia Family Sharing

The Verge reports that Stadia’s family sharing will let you buy one copy of a game for the family to play. This way, your parents or your siblings can play the same game on separate devices. They can also save their data separately.

Moreover, only one Stadia account needs a Pro subscription to get free games and share them with the group.

How Family Sharing Works

Stadia’s family sharing works through the Google Play Family Library system. This system allows Android users to share mobile apps across several accounts in one family.

However, Google did put some restrictions. You can’t play a shared game with another account at the same time. Both accounts should have bought the game separately. On the other hand, both accounts should have claimed the game from their Pro subscription. 

Also, you can’t share a Stadia Pro free game if you cancel your subscription or let it expire. With Stadia’s family sharing, friends can now form groups beyond the household.  

How Do I Use Stadia’s Family Sharing?

If you want to try Stadia’s new family sharing function, Google can help you. First, you can set up your Google Play Family Library through this tutorial. Next, follow this tutorial to set up a Stadia account for your family.

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