Here’s How Much Data Your Online Games Use Hourly

If you’re a huge online gamer, you might be curious about how much data you’re using each time you play. Especially if you have a capped plan, you might need to manage your data.

Online Data Usage for Video Games

The website WhistleOut has made a list of online games, which include their data usage. Before the list, they also said gamers don’t have to worry about high data usage for games. Most modern titles eat up way less data than HD streaming on Netflix. 

However, you should still want to check your data usage after a month. Data consumed by games do add up against your allowance.

How Much Data Do My Video Games Consume?

WhistleOut and Kotaku shared a list of online games and the data they consume. If you spend hours playing these games, you should budget your allowance according to their usage.

From highest to lowest, these games eat up:

  •     Destiny 2 – 300 MB/hr
  •     Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 250 MB/hr
  •     Overwatch – 135 MB/hr
  •     DotA 2 – 135 MB/hr
  •     Warframe – 115 MB/hr
  •     Fortnite – 100 MB/hr
  •     Battlefield V – 100 MB/hr
  •     Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – 80 MB/hr
  •     Team Fortress 2 – 80 MB/hr
  •     Rainbow Six Siege – 70 MB/hr
  •     Teamfight Tactics – 60 MB/hr
  •     Grand Theft Auto V Online – 60 MB/hr
  •     League of Legends – 45 MB/hr
  •     PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) – 40 MB/hr
  •     Call of Duty: World War II – 40 MB/hr
  •     World of Warcraft – 40 MB/hr
  •     Rocket League – 40 MB/hr
  •     Minecraft – 40 MB/hr
  •     Monster Hunter: World – 30 MB/hr
  •     Sea of Thieves – 30 MB/hr
  •     Final Fantasy XIV – 20 MB/hr
  •     Hearthstone – 3 MB/hr

Online Games and Internet Usage

Downloading games eat up more data than playing online games. If you’re on a data cap, you might pause your online games if you want to download new titles.  

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