How have Redmi mobiles become so popular in 2021?

How have Redmi mobiles become so popular in 2021?

How have Redmi mobiles become so popular in 2021?

Redmi mobiles have been a prominent name in the Indian smartphone marketplace for more than half a decade. Since it entered the market in 2014, Redmi had taken very little time to reach the pinnacle. Throughout 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting the sales figure of all the brands, Redmi witnessed an uptick in its sales numbers.

The trends of online classes and work from home were the primary reasons for Redmi’s stronghold over the market. In 2021, Redmi has once again emerged as the company with the most smartphone shipments. According to reports, Xiaomi managed to capture a 26% market share during the first quarter of 2021. Let us take a closer look at how Redmi has managed to defy the odds and continues its dominance in the Indian market.

  • Capitalizing on the huge demand for affordable smartphones 

As smartphones began to replace the older “non-smart” mobile phones, people were awestruck by the benefits of owning a smartphone. However, the only smartphones available in India back then were from Apple or Samsung. A huge chunk of the middle-class population in India was looking for hi-tech smartphones but at a modest price. This was precisely when Xiaomi entered the market.

Redmi, along with other brands like Vivo and Oppo had the experience and knowledge of producing smartphones at fairly economical rates. They used this to their advantage and set foot in the Indian market which was ripe for the picking. Even today, consumers can purchase Redmi phones under 15,000 INR that boast incredible features and specifications.

  • Online channels

In order to make their phones affordable, Redmi took a number of strategic decisions. One of them was to restrict the sales of their phones via online channels. This is something that was unique and worked perfectly in their favor. As a result of this decision, Redmi managed to cut down on the profit margin that was allocated to the retailers. With offline stores, a significant percentage of the profit had to be given to the retailer.

This could range from 1,000 to 1,500 INR per smartphone unit. However, with online sales, there is no requirement for a retailer. This way, Redmi managed to bring down the costs of their phones by a significant amount.

  • Flash sales

Another strategic decision taken by Redmi was to sell its phones exclusively through flash sales. As soon as Redmi launched new smartphone models, their phones were sold out within minutes of the flash sale going live.

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This was another well-thought-out strategy by the company in order to reduce the costs pertaining to storage and transportation. Even though this meant Redmi phones were unavailable to a large section of the smartphone user base, it added to the aura of the brand.

  • Low-profit margin

Redmi does not earn large profits directly by selling its smartphones, as it sells its phones at a low-profit margin in order to make them available at low prices. In spite of this, Redmi has managed to earn profits through affiliate marketing. Every time a Redmi mobile phone is bought from an online portal, Redmi earns some amount of money.

  • Unique style of advertisement

Unlike most smartphone companies, Redmi does not advertise its smartphones in the usual manner. Most brands have famous celebrities as their brand ambassadors, which can cost the company up to 300 crore INR. This is a huge cost that Redmi manages to save by collaborating with influencers. This innovative way of branding saves them money, while also helping them reach their target audience. 

  • Consistent with the quality

In spite of the measures that Redmi had taken to make its phones affordable, it has never compromised on the quality. Redmi phones come with a high-quality display, battery, and cameras, which makes them some of the best models in the market. Even in 2021, they have launched a number of models that have received great reviews from critics and consumers alike.

The most notable model is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10, which is backed by the powerful Snapdragon 678 processor mated to 4 GB RAM. However, its 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP quad-rear camera set-up is what steals the spotlight. Much like all its other models, the Redmi Note 10 is available at a low price of just 12,499 INR. Other models that were launched in 2021 by the brand include Redmi Note 10 Pro, Redmi 9 Power, and the Xiaomi Mi 11X.

Taking all of the above-mentioned points into consideration, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Redmi has managed to secure the top spot yet again during Q1 of FY21.

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