How to Handle Quarterly VAT Returns Efficiently?

How to Handle Quarterly VAT Returns Efficiently?

How to Handle Quarterly VAT Returns Efficiently?

If you are new in the business market of the UAE, you might not be well aware of the taxation system of the country. Still, you must have heard the name of value-added tax, which is the major tax system. According to this system, the business organizations do not have to pay a fixed amount in terms of tax to the authorities, but only a specific percentage according to the value of their goods and services.

Another critical point that you need to know in this regard is that you are only bound to pay value-added tax once your business income and profitability reach a specific threshold. Moreover, your duty is not done once you have paid VAT to the authorities. You have to file for quarterly VAT returns too and get the amount back if the value of your goods and services change. You cannot file for returns randomly but have to do it quarterly.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail how you can handle quarterly VAT returns efficiently.

Top 6 Steps to Manage Quarterly VAT Returns Smoothly

Value-added tax is, to date, a complicated yet inevitable process for the business owners and organizations in the United Arab Emirates. It is not the changing amount of tax that makes it complicated but registration for VAT, deregistration, then registration for quarterly VAT returns and taking care of its deregistration too. The process is quite confusing, which makes people commit mistakes and earn penalties. However, you can avoid it by sticking to basic steps.

Here are some of the major steps you should follow to manage your quarterly VAT returns smoothly.

1. Ensure To Charge Right Amount

The first and foremost step that you need to follow to ensure smooth management of your quarterly VAT returns is charging the right amount. It means that you need to calculate the amount of VAT returns on your own according to the VAT amount paid earlier. A little mistake can expose you to penalties which is the major reason most organizations hire the best VAT consultancy in Dubai and let the professionals handle VAT and VAT returns.

2. Utilize Right VAT Scheme

The next step to ensure smooth and steady management of quarterly VAT returns is utilizing the right VAT scheme. It means that you need to follow the category in which your goods and services fall. In addition to that, you need to be sure of the percentage at which you initially paid value-added tax because without that, you cannot file for quarterly VAT returns.

3. Keep Your Records Accurate

The most crucial and critical part of the smooth handling of quarterly VAT returns is keeping your record accurate. Perfect and accurate records are essential for effective VAT payment, but you will have to provide the records for claiming quarterly VAT returns. If any ambiguity or mistake comes to light at that time, you will have to face penalties. So pay proper attention to record management.

4. Register for VAT Returns

The next step in the process of managing quarterly VAT returns is registering for the process. You cannot just randomly get the amount in your account but have to follow the proper registration procedure as you did while registering for VAT. Make sure to enter all the details correctly, and follow the deadlines not to fall prey to more hassles.

5. Receive VAT Returns

The next step in the process of managing quarterly VAT returns is receiving the value-added tax returns. Do not assume that once you have registered for the process, you will get the amount. You have to provide proof of tax payment. In addition to it, you have to provide all the records and stick to the deadlines. Only then will you be able to receive the returns.

6. Take Professional Help

The last step that you can follow to manage your quarterly VAT returns without any difficulty is taking professional help. Suppose you are too busy in your business operations to pay regular attention to value-added tax proceedings and follow requirements and deadlines. You can get in touch with the best VAT consultancy in Dubai and get experts on board to forget all your VAT-related worries.

Fulfill your responsibility and earn profitability!

The purpose of implementing value-added tax and offering quarterly VAT returns is to offer relief to the business organizations. However, the same thought and intention cab work against them if they fail to stick to the minor details of the process and forget to fulfill the conditions. If you fear doing so, get in touch with professionals and let them handle value-added tax-related matters while you sit back and enjoy the relief.

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