Hulu Joins Youtube TV, Loses Fox Regional Sports

Hulu is now the latest streaming service to lose Fox regional sports networks, joining both YouTube TV and Fubo TV.

First, it was YouTube. Now it’s Hulu. Starting on Friday, Fox regional sports programming will leave Hulu. If your live TV plans support Fox sports, you won’t see these games anymore. 

Fox Sports and Hulu

Gizmodo reports that live TV Hulu subscribers could still access sports content from different networks. However, they would lose dozens of Fox regional sports networks. The service says you can still get your sports fix from ESPN, TBS, TNT, FS1, FS2, Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC on Hulu’s support page. You would just lose content from these Fox networks:

  •     FS Arizona
  •     FS Detroit
  •     FS Florida
  •     FS Midwest (which includes FS Indiana and FS Kansas City)
  •     FS North (which includes FS Wisconsin)
  •     FS Ohio
  •     FS Prime Ticket
  •     FS San Diego
  •     FS South (which includes FS Tennessee and FS Carolinas)
  •     FS Southeast
  •     FS Southwest (which includes FS Oklahoma and FS New Orleans)
  •     FS Sun
  •     FS West
  •     Marquee Sports Network
  •     SportsTime Ohio
  •     YES Network

You might have to look at other streaming services if your favorite network is on this list. 

What’s Going on at Fox?

Last month, YouTube TV also lost support for Fox regional sports networks. Meanwhile, another sports streaming service, FuboTV, lost support for the same Fox networks earlier this year. However, the service did pick up ESPN programming. 

The Sinclair company owns Fox. Regarding YouTube, Barry Faber said that both Sinclair and YouTube had discussed plans to return Fox sports channels to YouTube TV. Faber is Sinclair’s president of distribution and network relations.

Where Do You Go for Sports?

This week, Faber also said that Hulu refused to accept Sinclair’s offer to continue streaming regional sports networks.

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