Internet Archive Adds Fact Checks to Explain Deleted Pages

The Internet Archive is adding fact checks and context to explain why some websites and pages were taken down.

Websites and webpages get taken down all the time. They get taken down for all sorts of reasons, too. However, if you want to know why some pages got taken down, the Internet Archive can help you. 

The Wayback Machine

Engadget reports that the Internet Archive is now adding “fact checks and context” to explain why some pages got removed. So, if someone used a webpage to spread lies, you’ll see a yellow banner.

Internet Archive users should also understand what they are reading on the Wayback Machine. Since you know that these sites spread lies, you won’t get tempted to do the same.

Why Fact Checks?

The report adds that the fact checks came from FactCheck.org, Politifact, the AP, and the Washington Post.

According to Engadget, the Internet Archive also wants to share internet history while admitting that websites could spread lies, too. Moreover, the Internet Archive also stresses that it does not endorse any content. Just because a page is in the Archive doesn’t mean the Archive agrees with it. 

What’s Next

However, this move might still not be enough to please everybody. Many people also accuse websites of political bias. In the long run, though, people might still want to know why a page got removed.

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