Interview with actress and filmmaker Chelsea Grant: War Lands

Interview with actress and filmmaker Chelsea Grant: War Lands

Interview with actress and filmmaker Chelsea Grant: War Lands

How did you get started in filmmaking?

I was very young, and thankfully, quite adorable! I was very young and my mum would get me into acting and modeling jobs. It was a job I loved. Being creative and the star of every show.

We need your thoughts on War Lands.

It’s exciting to me. It has been my work since 2016 from its inception. I am now attached to our director, and soon our lead actor. It has been challenging. It’s been a challenge, but we have a great team now, and are ready for next year!

It’s been a big change. Is there a Chinese angle?

Yes, the lead is now a Chinese hero who becomes lost in the worlds of the Maori gods. It’s brutal. It’s an adventure/fantasy in which magic and myth are brought to life.


It will. It is a story that I hold dearly. It is a story I can’t wait to share with the world. To share more Maori stories on the international stage. As a child, I was told stories about our people. This is what influenced me as a writer. This film is unique. Because I invented the world, it is a unique story.

Are you Maori?

I am part Maori. There is no longer a “full-blood Maori”. I am part Maori, Yugoslavian, and British. I just completed one of the DNA tests that tell you your exact identity. The results are exciting.

What is the best thing about Maori culture?

Their warm and welcoming nature, their kindness, love, and respect for each other are all things I love. Maori are so kind and caring. They are so loyal. It is a shame that they are not seen in the rest. They might be very racist towards you if you are not Maori enough. These Maori might own a restaurant or drive a bus. They also keep our streets clean and protect our rights in court.

What is the worst thing about being a human?

Others’ greed and pure evilness. I hate lying and hate those who try to get more. Unfortunately, I have had to deal to people who tried to scam us for money. I was able to tell them where they should go, which is a gesture I will never repeat.

Are there any tips for young film-makers?

Do not let judgmental a**holes keep you down. There is so much garbage in the world. You can stick to your guns and work hard. You can achieve your goals. You can achieve your dreams.

Are you sure that this is a shame for those who are just starting?

It’s actually the exact opposite. It’s so easy to do that now! Get out and meet people. Don’t wait for your agent to call you at home. Join creative groups and learn how to craft your work. Do not get too attached to having an agent. This is not the only way. Many actors I know are very successful and hate having to pay their agent commissions for doing nothing. They get their jobs via networking.

What advice would you offer to someone just starting out?

Network. Attend industry events. Don’t waste time thinking that you need an agent. I don’t have an agent now, but I did for many years. I also got a lot of work from people I know. My agent is now working with me. We are a great team. She gets me into events I don’t know about, and I get to network, meet producers, and network with executives. It’s how you do business. Parties like the Oscars are a hub for getting business done. It’s true, I made business deals there. It’s not easy work. You can do it!

Who are your biggest supporters?

My Grandma, Grandad, and my big sister. Each of them supports me in my own way. They truly love me. I have many friends who are supportive of me.

Do you want to be close to your family?

Some of them may not. Some of them, I can’t stand and don’t talk with. But these guys are the ones I am close to. My Uncle Will is great, and his family is amazing too. My mum was always my biggest fan. She would tell me when I was young and anxious about how I would do it. And that she believed in my abilities. She is the best Mum I know.

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