John Ritenour’s Insurance Office of America Models Community Engagement

John Ritenour’s Insurance Office of America Models Community Engagement

John Ritenour’s Insurance Office of America Models Community Engagement

John Ritenour, the co-founder of the Insurance Office of America — or IOA — fully subscribes to the idea that giving back to the community is a fundamental part of business. In creating IOA, John Ritenour vowed to build a business that would empower both the company’s employees and the supporting community. Alongside his son, Heath, the current CEO of IOA, John is proud to engage in a wide range of philanthropic efforts that benefit the community at large.

IOA Gives Back to the Community


The Ritenour family, and IOA by extension, are no strangers to community engagement and philanthropy. John Ritenour expresses his love for charitable efforts, saying, “It just feels good.” Over the years, IOA has spearheaded a number of philanthropic initiatives that employees can participate in and support. IOA’s philanthropic efforts benefit organizations like the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. Moreover, the company is pleased to support the Christian Service Center and the Track Shack Youth Foundation. For more than 25 years, the Ritenour family and IOA have hosted the annual IOA Corporate 5K, which raises money to benefit charities and food banks in central Florida.

Furthermore, the Ritenours and IOA are able to contribute to a diverse range of causes through the IOA Foundation. The IOA Foundation focuses on helping children throughout each stage of their life, from birth until college. Collaborations, sponsorships and partnerships include causes such as literacy, social services, animals, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, education, mentoring and financial empowerment.

More About John Ritenour


Born in McKeesport, PA, John Ritenour took his first job in a local steel mill before making his way into the world of insurance. He became an insurance salesman in the 1970s, a position that allowed him to thrive and pursue his passion for helping others. Years later, John Ritenour used his vast industry experience to develop IOA in Longwood, Florida.

IOA is built on a steadfast dedication to empowering employees, engaging in philanthropy and pushing the perceived limits of the insurance industry. Today, IOA has grown to include 60 offices in the United States, England and Ireland. IOA’s future is bright, with Insurance Journal magazine naming the company among the Top 100 Independent Property/Casualty Agencies in the U.S. Under the watchful eye of John’s son, Heath, IOA will continue to prioritize community engagement and philanthropic efforts that benefit numerous communities around the world.

IOA Continues to Pave the Way for Future Insurers


There’s no doubt that John Ritenour has changed how insurance companies do business today. With an increased focus on aspects like employee benefits and community engagement, IOA strives to make a positive impact on employees and their families, as well as the individuals who have supported them throughout their journey. Initiatives through the IOA Foundation and annual company events like the annual IOA Corporate 5K represent what’s truly at the heart of IOA: a commitment to help others in a lasting, meaningful way.

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