Lastpass’ New Dashboard Alerts You To Password Leaks

If you’re still not convinced that password managers work, maybe this new LastPass feature can convince you to use one. A new update allows LastPass to alert you if any of the websites you signed up for got breached. Moreover, the app will warn you if any of your passwords got leaked. This tool is part of LastPass’ new security dashboard. 

LastPass Security Dashboard

According to the Verge, LastPass’ new dashboard uses a “dark web monitoring tool” to check your logins and passwords. This tool checks your data if it appears on Enzoic’s database, which LastPass has partnered with since 2017.

Once the tool finds your data in the database, LastPass will notify you on the security dashboard and then email you. In the alert, the app will show you which site got breached and will give you time to change your password.

Who Can Use LastPass’ Security Dashboard

The alert system is available only to paid LastPass subscribers. However, free users will be able to use the security dashboard. This dashboard will tell you which of your passwords are weak, reused, or in danger. Moreover, this dashboard replaces LastPass’s old Security Challenge, which used to recommend changing your risky passwords. The difference is that users had to launch the app every time to run the Security Challenge. 

When Can We Use LastPass’ Security Dashboard?

LastPass users can expect the security dashboard to arrive on desktop and mobile in the coming weeks. Apple will also launch password monitoring on its Safari web browser, coming out with iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur. 

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