Leaked Photos Confirm Microsoft’s New Xbox Series S

This year’s console wars are heating up again. With Microsoft and Sony both launching their next-gen consoles this year, it looks like Microsoft plans to shake up its release schedule. Leaked photos of a next-gen Xbox controller imply the existence of an Xbox Series S.

Earlier, rumors have already spread of Microsoft revealing another next-gen console this month. With two consoles releasing this year, Microsoft looks to overtake Sony’s PS5.

The Xbox Series S Leaked Photos

The Verge reports that leaked photos of a white next-gen Xbox controller mentions the Xbox Series S in its box. In the packaging, the Xbox controller is supposed to work with both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Twitter user Zak S was able to buy the controller on a resale site, and he uploaded the photos.

While the Verge confirms that the photos are real, Microsoft has not yet announced the Xbox Series S. The company also has not announced a white next-gen Xbox controller.  

What We Know about the Xbox Series S

A leaked Microsoft document in June seems to confirm the existence of another next-gen console, codenamed “Lockhart.” On this other next-gen Xbox, the Verge guesses that it would be cheaper than the Series X. 

The Verge also says that the Lockhart console has the same CPU as the Xbox Series X. However, this new console will be weaker than the Series S, with only 7.5GB of RAM, and a GPU performance of 4 teraflops. 

Xbox Series S Reveal

The leaked photos seem to confirm the rumors that Microsoft will release the Xbox Series S in August. Moreover, the Series S might come bundled with Microsoft’s All Access subscription plans.

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