Make An Attractive Entry Into The Food Delivery Industry With A Robust UberEats Clone

Make An Attractive Entry Into The Food Delivery Industry With A Robust UberEats Clone

Make An Attractive Entry Into The Food Delivery Industry With A Robust UberEats Clone

Food delivery apps have become the personal favourite for all of us. With just a few clicks, we can get our food delivered to our doorsteps without moving from a place. Food delivery apps are the best way for restaurants to earn their revenue, as, in many countries, the restrictions on dine-ins are not lifted. 

Food delivery apps have become the most sought after apps among people, with an increase of 300% in-app usage. Post pandemic online food delivery apps create a revolution with safety standards inscribed in them, making it more trustworthy for the people to use them. Starting a food delivery business in the present scenario is a top-notch idea for business. 

With food delivery marketing growing at high speed, this will be the perfect time for you to make a captivating entry into the market.


UberEats – A gist on the working model and statistics

The very arrival of UberEats has created an enthusiasm among people to know how it works. When it comes to food delivery apps, there are two types of operations. They are “Order Only” and “Order and delivery”.

  • Order only food delivery apps will provide the list of nearby restaurants to order their food from the list. The app will not offer any delivery assistance, and the users have to go to the restaurant and pick up their order that will be ready by then. 
  • Order and delivery food delivery apps allow users to order their food from the list of restaurants by providing multiple payment options. The app will provide delivery support through third-party logistic services who will receive the restaurants’ food and deliver them to the users. 

UberEats follows an “Order and delivery” model for its business. UberEats performs the role of an aggregator to the restaurants and as a service provider for the users. This service model of UberEats has influenced several companies to adapt its business model.

Statistics –  The year 2020 saw an impeccable growth in the usage of food delivery services. The food delivery market has gained a projected value of $100 billion—some actual numbers about UberEats to know its growth cycle. 

  • UberEats becomes the leading platform for food delivery, with its operations spread across six continents.
  • UberEats generated $4.8 billion in 2020, which accounts for a 152% increase from the previous year. 
  • The gross bookings of UberEats have surpassed $30 billion in 2020.
  • UberEats is leading the list of food delivery apps with 66 million users globally.
  • UberEats controls 26% of the global food delivery market.
  • The app is available in 6000 cities and operated by around 600,000 restaurants.

How to develop an app like UberEats? 

There are several processes involved in developing an UberEats like app. To develop an app, you have to carry out base work to understand and lay a foundation for your app. Here, let us discuss the steps to develop an app effortlessly.

Analyze the market 

Understanding the market will help you know the market demands and customer needs. Only by understanding the demands from both sides can you develop an application. This will also enable you to know the recent trends of the market. Know the competition prevailing in the market and do considerable research about your competitors. Identify the gaps in the market and try to fill them through your app.

Set your monetization strategy 

The prime goal of a business is to gain significant revenue through its inception. So, at this stage of planning, jot down all the possible ways to earn through your app. Generally, food delivery apps earn revenue through commissions from both restaurants and users. You can also think beyond this and set your strategies. Some of the revenue-generating options are,

  • Commission charges from restaurants for providing a platform to receive orders.
  • Delivery charges from users to place their orders in the app
  • Collaborating with third parties to advertise in the app.
  • In-app promotion for restaurants to feature at the top of the list

Optimize the features for your app

At the initial stages of your business, it will be magnificent to replicate the features from the Uber model. Go with the basic MVP features for your app for early usage. The cutting-edge features of your app play a significant role in captivating your customers. So, jot down the essential features that you want to incorporate into your app.

Hire the team of developers 

The next major step is to find developers who are experts in working with cutting-edge technology and softwares. The amount you spend on developing your app is a one-time investment. So make a wise choice for developing your app. There are app development companies from where you can purchase ready-to-launch apps. Approach them and get your ready-to launch UberEats app as they are cost-effective and easy to launch in the market.

Some of the cutting-edge features that are necessary for your UberEats app

  • Easy registration options for the users to sign in with the app
  • An advanced search option for the users to browse through their food from the list of restaurants
  • Re-order options for the users who want to repeat their order
  • Multiple payment options for the users to pay their bills
  • Real-time tracking of orders through geo navigation
  • Contact through the app to reach their delivery assistants.
  • Promo codes and discounts for the users. 
  • Content management features for the restaurants to promote their restaurant brands with images
  • To track the availability of nearby delivery partners to deliver the food orders to the customers.

How much does it cost to develop an UberEats clone?

The cost for developing an UberEats clone script depends on the following factors,

App size – The app size accounts for the number of features you are willing to add to your app. The more features, the more will be the complexity of your app.

App platform – To reach more audiences, you can launch your app on both Android and iOS servers. The cost will vary depending on the platform you choose to release the app.

App design – An app with proper UX/UI design will attract a large user base for your business. The design you opt for your app will also be a significant determinant of the cost. 


Wrapping up,

The online food delivery market is highly competitive. So, it is essential to incorporate viable functionalities and features in your app for gaining more users. Hire proper developers with good experience in food delivery app segments. By considering the benefits mentioned above and ideas, you can reach great heights in the food delivery industry.

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